AM I the only one to be depressed not only by the success of the BNP but also by the reaction of the mainstream party politicians?
The BNP won seats because of the silly proportional representational system we had to use. What, however, was even more annoying was the politicians saying that it was a tragedy for democracy etc, as if they had nothing to do with it and was all the fault of the people who voted for them! First, the fact is that nearly 1 million people voted BNP, and it is insulting to suggest that they somehow did something wrong. First we have to accept that some undoubtedly voted BNP because they agree with their racist policies. Many others voted because they are scared of the present economic situation and have no faith that the present government can or want to do anything about their concerns over jobs and housing. Relatively cheap immigrant labour remains a real worry for many and it does not help to simply ignore the concern or dismiss the protest action the voters took.

Second, the BNP got seats because of the Proportional Representation (PR) voting system. It is worth considering that, had this been a general election for Westminster, the BNP may have been able to negotiate with their 2 seats to help one or more other parties to get an overall majority and form a government- now that really is scary! But never mind folks, we do not have PR for Westminster- or at least we do not have it at the moment! What happened the very next day?
That colossus of political thinking Gordon Brown, suggests we have PR as a response to the expenses scandal- now that is even more scary because we are stuck with this incompetent and vain fool for another 12 months.

Remember, the first essential of a democratic system is that an incompetent government can be got rid of at an election. All PR usually does is shuffle the pack, rather like Brown's last reshuffle- even more scary stuff folks!

Dave Partridge
Port de Pollenca