Dear Sir, AS regular visitors to Majorca as well as many other parts of Spain, my whole family was very upset last summer at the state of the Carriage Horses in Palma. I remember one particular horse with the registration No.1 that looked skin and bones and as if it could just drop down dead at any time from dehydration and hunger. I was appalled at the sight and my daughter was almost in tears. It did put a cloud over our whole visit to Palma. We stayed in the City for 8 nights and kept seeing the same poor animals. We are also regular visitors to Mijas and have seen improvements there, both with the horses and the donkeys who are now checked regularly, mainly thanks to the Donkey Sanctuary staff from Devon, England who have travelled there to help keep standards high. We are not visiting Majorca this year, the first year for many that we have missed. I would certainly not take my daughter to Palma again unless the condition of the animals improved. I am glad you are highlighting this in your paper. Keep up the good work.

Caroline Wilber (Mrs) England