By Jason Moore

THE German tabloid Bild has launched a scathing attack on Majorca and on the Playa de Palma where millions of Germans go on holiday every year. “Swindlers, pickpockets and cheap prostitutes have over run the Playa de Palma after sunset,” the mass circulation newspaper, with sales of more than five million, says in a report yesterday. The article concludes that the economic recession is ruining the island´s economy. Now when Bild reports something, Germany listens and this is bad news for Majorca. Now yesterday the Balearic tourist industry was quick to dismiss the article, but Bild is not wrong. There is a problem in our resorts and something needs to be done. Hopefully, the newspaper article will spur the local authorities into action and perhaps it is the perfect wake-up call. On Saturday I was in the Playa de Palma and one bar owner was moaning that this year the standard of holidaymakers and general lawlessness couldn´t be worse. He said that he had made a stand and was refusing to serve anyone who wasn´t dressed properly. “They moan at me and went elsewhere,” he said. “What chance do we have of attracting good tourism if we are going to have such loutish behaviour,” he said, pointing out a group of tourists who were walking up the street armed with the customary bucket of cheap booze which will be consumed through straws. Bild has made a good point now the time has come to act before it is too late and tourism goes elsewhere.