By Jason Moore

FOR many years in Majorca there has been criticism from the more nationalist elements on the island over the sale of prime properties to foreign buyers. As I said we are talking a very small minority and also it must be remembered that in most cases it was Majorcans selling to foreigners. However, on sale at the moment is what could be described as Majorca´s family silver, Real Mallorca Football Club. Although few of its players are Majorcan it is naturally still considered a very Majorcan institution. So will a foreign buyer, in this case former Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd, be allowed to buy Mallorca? The club is for sale and its present owner has major financial worries. Chairman Vicente Grande has said that he wants to stay and doesn´t want to sell but it is probably not his decision anymore. The banks want paying and Real Mallorca is a prime asset. So financially speaking the deal looks like a viable proposition but there is still the important question of foreign ownership. I believe that Freddy Shepherd is what Real Mallorca needs. The club should be tapping into the lucrative tourist trade and should be attracting more foreign fans. With his financial muscle the club might become a buying club rather than one which has to sell its top players.