By Jason Moore ON Monday the class of HC1 elected a new speaker. This class has been naughty; many have been messing around with other people´s pocket money and they have been warned that if they don´t behave they will be expelled. So this was a golden opportunity to show that they were responsible and would elect a new senior prefect because the last one had to go in a hurry. Now, as they are all sensible they thought long and hard about their decision. The headmaster and his governing team put up a candidate but the teacher´s pet was soon out of the running. Leaving just two candidates who play for the same team but one of them has the reputation of wanting to join a rival team much to the disgust of his own team-mates. So, with their usual maturity the class of HC1 voted. The candidate who plays for one team but who allegedly wants to join their rivals won because all the people who voted for him did so because they knew it would cause trouble within his team. Which it did and only a few of his team-mates voted for him. Now, the new senior prefect says that he doesn´t want to wear a wig (because its not cool) and he wants to stop Punch & Judy (Headmaster´s Question Time). He also says that he doesn´t want to play for any team anymore because he has a new job. He also wants to give more power to the students (some of whom have been very naughty) in an effort to reduce the power of the headmaster. The election process was presided over by the oldest student in the class who told his class-mates to hurry it along because some people were getting quite bored. It was all rather funny and all the students had a good laugh Now, that this important election has been done they are all looking forward to their summer hols. However, their report cards will read; Britain could do much better”