Re: letters yesterday parents should care for their children in the sun.
Dear Sir, I am sorry but I had to put finger to keyboard to respond to the sweeping statements that Margaret Kelland put in her letter which appeared on the Bulletin website today. My husband and I have been taking our 8 year old to Majorca since she was 6 months old and I can assure that she has been more that adequately protected against the sun at all time. We make sure that we have a large selection of suncream, after sun and bits for just about every medical problem! Also, our work is shared equally so that we all get time to do things individually and as a family. I realise that not all families are like this but to say that we are all Whingeing Brits who need to pack their brains before going on holiday is a little unfair! Maybe Margaret Kelland needs to open her eyes and acknowledge that there are good and bad families out there who go on holiday to relax, have a good time on the beautiful Island of Majorca and look forward to spending some 'quality time' together! We shall be coming to Majorca next month and Margaret can be rest assured that our 'brains and suncream' will all be packed! Regards, Sara Janicki
Re: Letters Tuesday on the need to give Palma a lift with more bars, restaurants and cafes.
Ideal place
Dear Sir, WITH reference to the letter from Michael Bernard, may I suggest that he visits the new Festival Park (at the Santa Maria exit of the Palma Inca motorway). This is exactly such a place as he recommends should be established in Majorca. There are wide and pleasant pedestrian–only boulevards, street cafes and restaurants galore, street entertainment, a craft market, factory outlet shops and places of entertainment such as Majorca's biggest cinema, a great ten pin bowling complex and Majorca's newest attraction Green Planet which boasts the largest reptile collection in Europe. Furthermore one can park easily and for nothing.
Peter Morgan