WEST Ham manager Sam Allardyce has blamed Margaret Thatcher for destroying football in Britain because her government cut spending for sports teachers. He claims that Thatcher helped create a modern-day generation of unfit, obese children in the United Kingdom. These are quite serious allegations and I have seen the Iron Lady accused of many things but killing football is not one of them! I would say that Allardyce is more to blame than Thatcher because soccer managers in Britain are more willing to buy cheap foreign players rather than invest in home-grown talent.

And really it is a football problem rather than other sports. Britain has produced a World Cup winning rugby side, the England cricket team retained the ashes, British cyclists are doing well in the Tour de France, a British tennis player reached the semi-finals of Wimbledon, British motor racing drivers are among the best in the world, British swimmers will probably win a large number of medals at the Olympics next year and so will British athletes.

The list goes on. The only sport in Britain which continous to be a major disappointment is football. England was the only home nation that qualified for the World Cup and was quickly sent home. So Mr. Allardyce I would say that the football world should start looking at itself rather than making silly excuses by blaming former Prime Ministers who are innocent on these charges.