HAVING read some comments on the increase (up to a whopping +57%) in rates in Calvià; being a resident there, I looked into the facts.
Looking through my records over the last years I can categorically state that my IBI has not changed much (+8 %) from 2004 to 2009. This year (2010) saw a rise of 15% year on year.

However, looking carefully at this increase 2009-2010, it is in fact the revaluation of the rateable value (valor catastral) that has caused this. This revaluation is a central government initiative and is not a local issue as some detractors of the PP council have tried to imply. For the record the last time the valor catastral was established in Calvià was back in 1996.

As they say, there are, “lies, damned lies and statistics” and as we are running into the period of electioneering readers should have a pinch of salt handy to digest some figures bandied about! Yours,

John Rule
Sol de Mallorca


HAVING holidayed this year in Minorca, being in a hotel on a half board basis although all inclusive was offered I discovered to my dismay countless people watching endless evening entertainment which was very poor, instead of venturing into the resort.

The hotel was packed not only with people staying at the hotel but also from nearby apartments. Needless to say the resort was deserted.
I do not believe that all inclusive offers value for money especially when having to pay an extra £200 per person (includes children) for a 14 day stay. My 4 year old cannot eat £200 worth of ice cream in a fortnight! Getting next years brochures for 2011, imagine my dismay that the big companies from the UK, Thomas Cook, Thomson etc have almost got rid of half board to the Balearics and replaced it with all inclusive. Therefore adding £600 to my holiday which I would easily spend in the resort.

I like to go to Spain to eat out etc, see the resort and not stop in a hotel 24/7 when I could be anywhere in the world. So do not blame the British holiday makers for not spending their money blame the travel companies who are overcharging US.

S. Rowntree