Dear Sir,

I WAS disappointed to read Monitor's snide comment about the nomination of a “fitness minister” (Meaningless Minister. Majorca Daily Bulletin, 25th August). Your report in today's edition (England is Facing Huge Obesity Crisis, Majorca Daily Bulletin, 26th August) makes it clear why this appointment should be welcomed.

Monitor wrote, “There is no secret about keeping fit.” Looking at the British tourists on our local beaches this summer, it seems that a lot of young Brits have not yet been let into the secret. Some of those children are going to die before their parents because of their unhealthy lifestyles.

Health authorities in Britain cannot afford vital drugs for cancer sufferers, presumably because a high proportion of their funds are dedicated to helping unhealthy overweight patients who should have been able to help themselves. I believe that Caroline Flint (the Minister responsible) will have her work cut out.

Of course, no one expects the campaign to result in a significant increase in the number of British athletes winning Olympic medals in 2012.

The point is that in the years leading up to the London Olympics there will be a climate conducive to the spreading of the message that all young people and their parents and teachers, must act on; that weight and health are two sides of the same coin.

George Tunnell, C'as Catala Nou

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