I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that only the hoteliers enjoyed the fantastic summer season which the government claims that Spain has enjoyed this year. The Chamber of Commerce claimed yesterday that the majority of businesses involved in tourism (except hotels) will be reporting lower profits in the Balearics. Even, some British tour firms are pouring cold water over the government’s fireworks saying that summer 2013 has been "good" " but not that great." "All sectors, apart from the hoteliers, have said that this summer has not been as profitable as they first thought....," said a headline in our sister newspaper Ultima Hora yesterday. So how can the government get it so wrong? Well, perhaps wrong is not the right word. It is clear that hoteliers have enjoyed a great season and there have been a record number of tourists coming here on holiday. But and it is a big but, tourists have been spending less money. Everyone I talk to, from taxi drivers to restaurant owners, are moaning. They are also quite astounded by the statements which are coming from the Spanish government regarding tourism. So, unless the government wants a tourist industry which just consists of hotels then it needs to do something and help small business owners survive. In these hard times obviously all inclusive holidays are going to be popular but it would be very sad if Majorca went 100 percent all inclusive. The government needs to see the bigger picture.