Dear Sir, READING your article of Sunday, 16th September, 2007 concerning British tourists filling in car hire formalities on arrival at Palma airport, only to discover their suitcases have suddenly vanished, I now realise how Palma airport must be literally seething with criminals just waiting to pounce. It's no longer a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all know this is nothing new but it's getting worse.

I myself was relieved of my handbag on arrival last Thursday from inside the car where I was sitting having “helped” a girl who pretended not to know where to pay the carpark ticket. When relating my own dilemma to various friends living on the island, everyone has a similar story to tell. The pickings must be good when you think of the masses visiting the island every year yet policing and security cameras are nowhere in sight.

How long do we have to put up with this permanent insecurity and inconvenience of losing luggage, passports, credit cards, etcetera in a country whose main economy is drawn from tourism? Is this the new Europe we will have to get used to?

Name withheld

Dear Sir, WITH daily reports on the government's failure to agree re: the “new hospital”, surely now is the time to stop this haemorraging of public money - (which could be better spent) - and hold a referendum.

This would absolve the politicians and would (after being presented with “all” the facts regarding “all” proposals/options) be the will/decision of the Majorcan taxpayers/residents/probable patients.

Yours Sincerely, M. Irving