By Jason Moore I was rather shocked after watching BBC1*S Question Time on Thursday night. Now whether or not the audience is a snap-shot of British public opinion I don't know but there appears to be a growing feeling that Britain should do “something” about Zimbabwe and sending in the troops was “one option.” Even the veteran CNN reporter appeared shocked at the thoughts of the great British public. I can't understand, after the nightmares of Iraq and Afghanistan, that some sections of the British public believe that the military should be used again to enforce “a regime change.” I was also rather alarmed that despite the army saying that they are over-stretched some members of the public believe we have enough troops to be involved in a third conflict. Incredible. The issue of Zimbabwe should be settled by the African nations and perhaps it is time that the South Africans played a far greater role. But returning to Britain and Question Time it is quite incredible that anyone should think that British troops should be sent to Africa. Have we learnt anything from the last five years? The days of Britain and to a lesser extent the U.S. being the world's policeman are well over. A diplomatic solution is the only way forward.