By Humphrey Carter

THE Balearic Minister for Tourism, Francesc Buils, is going to be sacked because of his unilateral decision to axe two of his top ministry aids, and fellow members of the Majorcan Unionist party, having neither consulted nor advised his party bosses including the UM party leader Miguel Nadal who was last night being tipped as the person who would be taking over as the new Minister.

It was in fact Nadal who announced late last night that Buils is to be sacked after the Balearic President Francesc Antich, worried about the possible repercussions the crisis at the Ministry for Tourism might have on his coalition government in which the UM holds the balance of power, has apparently agreed to Nadal's demand for the “rebel” Minister to go. The news of Buils's pending dismissal broke just hours after the Minister called his own press conference to proclaim that he was standing by his decision to sack the manager of the Institute for Tourism Studies, Antoni Oliver and the Director General of Tourism Promotion, Joan Sastre.