By Jason Moore ALL is not well in Majorca and according to newspaper reports this week the island is facing a major economic slowdown with unemployment expected to hit the 70'000 mark as hotels close for the winter (in some cases earlier than usual). The building industry is suffering badly. What is happening economically at the moment is cause for much concern; the fact that Vicente Grande´s development empire has gone into administration plus the hundreds of job losses announced within the aviation industry has got alarm bells ringing. But, for the average Majorcan, it goes even further. The fact that a foreign businessman looks set to buy Real Mallorca football club and of course immigration has ruffled some feathers within the local community. What is happening in Majorca? is the cry of many people on the island who are looking in almost disbelief at Majorca in 2008. There is a simple answer for all; the housing and tourism boom was never going to continue for ever and in some ways Majorcans should be happy that a British businessman is prepared to buy their football club because at the end of the day no Majorcan has shown any interest at all. So, these are difficult times and what is needed is strong leadership, which appears to be lacking from the Balearic government.