Dear Editor

RE: “Tourism Minister sacked to save Government”

YET again, it seems the wellbeing/future of the Balearic tourist industry is forced to take second place whilst local, minority elected, egotistical politicians argue among themselves and the Balearic leader stands by, unable and unwilling to intervene because of jeopardising his own job. What a sorry state of affairs! At a time when hotels, bar and restaurant owners, and even central government (contrary to a statement recently put out by Señora Najera, Director of the Playa de Palma redevelopment scheme) are telling us - what we already know - the tourist industry of Spain (including the Balearics) is in trouble - our local politicians stumble from one disaster to another, running around like headless chickens! Heaven help us when the November “Paro” (unemployment) figures are released! Now is the time for those already involved in industry and with most experience within the sector, to sit down and decide policy - instead of “self first” politicians trying to solve a problem of which they have no first-hand experience. Tourism is the life blood of the Islands and it's haemorrhaging away - it can't and shouldn´t wait whilst politicians fight amongst themselves.

The Mayor of Calvia, Señor Delgado stated when canvassing for the post of the leader of the Partido Popular: “I'd pact with NO-ONE!” I think most like-minded people can see the wisdom of this statement. The present “pact” isn't working. If they can't do the job for which (in the majority of cases) they were elected - they should step down - the Islands deserve better.

M. Irving, Portals Nous