By Jason Moore

ONCE again I find myself doubting the official figures regarding the state of the tourist industry. According to official figures, August was a record period for the local tourist industry but many business owners in the resorts say the exact opposite.

Tourists are also spending more, according to officials, but one bar owner told me yesterday that this season will go down on record as one of the worst ever. So who is right? I think it is a mixture of both. Tourists are coming to the island but the growth in all inclusive hotels means that bar and restaurant owners are not seeing their cash. I am rather sceptical about holidaymakers spending more because afterall we are in the middle of rather a nasty recession and British tourists still get fewer euros for their pounds despite the recent sterling rally. I think it is for sure, though, this winter is going to be a very tough one and I suspect that ever fewer businesses will remain open in the resorts. Many bars and restaurants will be shutting for good and not re-opening. The official figures give the impression that all is well within our principal industry. We know for a fact that it isn´t. Tourism to Majorca is changing. All inclusive hotels and the no-frills airlines have changed the landscape but is it a good or bad move?