Dear Sir,

As a journalist I visited Israel and the broader Middle East region on a number of occasions to report on the decades long conflicts and tension. As a media man I passionately defend free speech.

So I admire your decision to print Hugh Ash's ‘Open Letter' to Ray Fleming. But Mr Ash's rant was underserving of the space you gave it.
I happen to believe Mr Fleming to be right and Mr Ash wrong, but my objection to Mr Ash's wild, ill-judged and, frankly rather sad attack on Mr Fleming, is that he wasted all his words on vitriol and failed to make a cogent argument.

Your faithfully,

J. Mounter
PS I neither know Mr Fleming, Mr Ash or anyone who works for the Bulletin.

Dear Sir, I have been following the many concerns of your readers regarding winter flights to Majorca.
As an owner of a second home in Cala d'Or, I travel on average around ten or twelve times a year.
I too have noticed a reduction in the number of flights from Exeter and Bristol.
Rather more worrying though is that even with this reduced frequency not a single flight I have taken this year has been full. It's unrealistic to expect Airlines to provide more flights when it is obvious that there is little demand.

I believe we have to accept that with the higher cost of aviation fuel and increased passenger taxes will mean higher ticket prices.
Add in the economic black cloud over Europe and this hardly creates an environment for the Airlines to increase the frequency of their flights.
Majorca is simply not a Winter destination, not even Palma which closes its doors at weekends can qualify.
Our winter climate means that those seeking the sun will always turn to more Southerly destinations such as the Canaries, Morocco, Madeira and other places further afield.

For the record, I love the Winters in Majorca and early Spring with the wild flowers beats the grey of Northern Europe anytime.
Yours sincerely
Stephen Cliff
Cala d'Or and Devon UK