By Jason Moore POLITICAL turmoil within one of the Balearic government´s key departments (local ministry for tourism) is pretty serious but what is also very worrying is the fact that the Balearic President, Francesc Antich, doesn´t have any control. Last week local minister for tourism, Francesc Buils (who was finally replaced by Miguel Nadal yesterday,) decided to sack two members of his team from his own party. But party leaders of the Majorcan Unionists objected and said that if the sackings were confirmed then Buils himself should go. He had allegedly broken party rulings and should have informed the party first. So who is running the Balearic government, Francesc Antich or the leaders of the various parties which form his rainbow coalition? Antich remained tight lipped on the scandal saying that it was a party issue. He must walk a fine line but he also must lead especially when it comes to tourism. Antich should have told the Unionists (which he may have done in private) to forget their differences and think of the wellbeing of the Balearics. Buils finally resigned yesterday eventhough he is a respected figure within the local tourist industry. This sort of scandal is not good and Antich must take a hold and ensure that this sort of crisis never happens again.