Dear Sir,

Your man doing commentary on American politics, Ray Fleming, takes Governor Paalin to task for not explaining her foreign affairs expertise sufficiently and adroitly to his satisfaction. First, she has more actual experience than Senators McCain, Obama and Biden combined, having negotiated with Canada a major gas pipeline project to bring fuel from Alaska to the lower forty-eight.

Secondly, while she may not be as at ease as those men who have extensive sunday morning talking-head veteran status, she has not made the buffoonish errors of her opponent Joe Biden. Mr. Fleming fails to note that the long serving solon from Delaware in the last week alone asked a wheelchair bound man to stand and take a bow and later boldly stated that President Bush should take a cue in explaining the present financial problem from President Franklin Roosevelt who in 1929 went on television to address the nation's concerns. At that time Herbert Hoover was in the White House and there was no television.

Sarah's skittishness compares favorably to Biden's polished bloviating. I would rather have someone who stutters facts than someone who cannot recognize one.

Washington needs to be cleaned up. A country woman with a sturdy broom will do more good than the alternative, a witless windbag with a thirty plus year record of being at ease with the various formats of the national media establishment. Sincerely,

Babs Anthony

Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Sir,

Mr Richard Goss´s letter on Sunday continuing to advocate the use of bicycles shows he is a dedicated cyclist, but unless used on designated bike lanes or tracks, in city or town green/centres can be a dangerous nuisance that should not be allowed, much the same on motorways. They do perform a function, such as exercise, etc but in controlled safe areas away from heavy traffic. I was grateful to note the description Mr Goss gave, now I can look for a poncho clad cyclist, with shopping basket to the force, pulling mini u-haul behind, weaving my way, so I can give him a wide berth! Yours,

Graham Phillips