Dear Sir,

I noticed your headline (Tourist spending falls by 25 percent). Now I may be wrong here but didn't the clever Government bring in a system of accommodation licences brought about by pressure from the hoteliers? As far as I'm aware you can only let out a residence that has a licence. It would appear that this is a complete farce as it seems that it's impossible to obtain one for an apartment.

Doesn't the stupid Government and Hoteliers realise that a lot of people do not want to stop in a hotel? So, if they cannot rent somewhere they will holiday somewhere else. Hence the drop in revenue.

A very poorly thought piece of legislation that has proved bad for everyone.

Stuart Allsop


Dear Sir,

I have recently been told that I am a diabetic, bit scarey at first but with the help of Santa Ponsa health centre (ie The PAC) , I am feeling better. Now the reason I tell you this story is we hear so many bad stories concerning the health service, I thought it would be good to tell you some positives.

Those among us who have had reason to have blood tests at the PAC will know that this happens early in the morning and for most of us this is not a problem, but for me because I also have arthritus, getting moving in the morning is not so easy.

So when told tests would have to be taken every day for a week it was not good but I was then told ”no, no you will not have to come here, we will come to you!” How good is that? The nurse came every day to check my blood and to teach me how to use the machine myself. I am of mature years with pretty poor Spanish but the nurses who came were kind, happy and helpful.

So is the doctor I attend, nothing seems to be too much trouble, so for all you ex pats out there fear not I think we are in good hands.
So thank you very much to the PAC for looking after me and a special thank you to my friend Mandy who is my voice as she speaks Spanish and helps me so much.

Yours sincerely,

Susan K., Majorca