By Jason Moore

A´MI right in thinking that Labour (New and Old) has been in power for 12 years? I ask this question because Chancellor Alistair Darling spent most of his keynote speech to the Labour conference bashing the Conservatives. It was 12 years ago that John Major left power but Alistair Darling appeared to make out it was yesterday.

The reason why fewer people are voting in elections is because they are bored sick of politicians just attacking each other. A clear example was Darling´s speech. He mentioned little policy, apart from cutting back on bankers bonuses;the rest of the speech was a head-on-head attack on the Conservatives who have been in opposition for twelve years. This was a golden opportunity for the Chancellor to set out his plans for the future and how he sees Britain coming out of recession. He should have mentioned what cuts are going to be made; he should have mentioned how he is going to resolve the debt problem, he should have said how he is going to get Britain back to work. But he didn´t he just blamed the Tories for everything. Not a good solution especially when you have a party faithful who believe that this will be Labour´s last annual conference in power. Judging by Darling´s speech I am not surprised.