Dear Editor, THANK you Bulletin: a small paragraph in Wednesday's edition caused my wife and I to drive north from Palma for the final concert of the Deya Festival. We could not believe the highest standard of playing from the Moscow Quartet (which really should be called the Moscow-Lisbon quartet because of its Portuguese content). Nor could we believe the tiny audience of some 60 people or of the awful organisation. The home of the concert was a beautiful old house 3 kilometres west of Deya; the house is invisible from the road. There were no lights or signs indicating that the concert was to be played there and indeed I drove past the entrance twice. We were left to stumble down a totally unlit driveway and climb back at the end of the concert. Couldn't the organisers put one light out there or a sign, or even perhaps have switched on one car headlights? Cannot fault the musicians, they were superb, a sparkling concert. But the organisers should be fired!

Richard Price Anchorage, Illetas