By Jason Moore DEAR Majorca, You are in a lucky position of having a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat which is readily available and economically priced. Your markets are a real paradise if you want healthy eating. I was therefore very concerned when I read that thousands of you are shunning your Mediterranean diet, which is believed to be one of the most healthy in the world. This is not good news. Your school meals are going the same way as Northern Europe, so-called fast food has taken a real hold. Don't make the same errors as Northern European where obsesity as a result of a poor diet is become a real nightmare. Support your markets with their fresh fruit and vegatables, forget microwave meals and the sort of coach potato mentality. In Britain some children have never eaten salad, don't let this happen in Majorca. Spain has tranformed dramatically over recent years and learnt many things from northern Europe and the United States. But when it comes to diet Spanish is best. It would be a terrible state of affairs if the Mediterranean diet was to disappear from the Mediterranean simply because times are changing. Majorcan tourists going to Britain always complain about the poor standard of food, but at the moment I find that the Mediterranean diet is mentioned more in Britain than it is in Spain. Home-grown will always be best.