WELL, the summer season is drawing to a close and yet again it appears that the Balearics have had a record summer season. Almost 2.5 million British tourists have come to the islands so far this year. But let us not close up shop just yet. I hear that within the tourist industry there are calls to try and lengthen the season. A number of local golf clubs are in the process of joining forces to try and attract more winter tourists. This is of course excellent news for the island and I just hope that the local authorities help them. Majorca is a great place in the low season. Just look at the number of events which are on the horizon including this weekend's wine festival in Binissalem; then there is the major fair in Inca (Dijous Bo) and even the Palma Marathon. Let us not forget the San Sebastian festivities in early January and all the other events which take place across Majorca. The local authorities need to spread the word; there is plenty happening on the island during the winter and it is a great time to visit. I think the time has come for a concerted effort to try and boost winter tourism; the industry wants it, the local authorities want it and the person on the street wants it. So what is the problem? Majorca is great in the summer and it can be even better in the winter; so let's get promoting right away.