By Jason Moore PROBLEMS in paradise is a great tabloid headline (I have used it myself many times!) This week it was used again by a London newspaper on an article allegedly written by a British expatriate about life in Majorca. I have read the article in the newspaper and the article which was submitted, and they are totally different. But what I would like to say on this issue is there is a perception in Britain that Spain is a sort of paradise and anyone can come here, start a business, make a fortune and work far less than they did in Britain. This is not the case at all. The lifestyle in Majorca is far better than Britain but this island does have its faults. At the moment there are more British residents going back to the UK than coming over but this is the case at the end of every summer season. Anyone coming to live here should first learn the language and perhaps, more importantly, come here during the winter. It is, as they say a completely different place. And to finish I will share with you something which a piece of wisdom was said by the presenter of one of these “Passport to the sun” types of programmes: “the people who make a success of their working life in Spain do not appear to have a suntan.” Yes, exactly it may be paradise but you still have to work hard!