Dear Sir,

RAY Fleming's “Looking Around” and the question he raises in respect of the forthcoming general election in the UK “Why should class not be an issue at the election?” Well, firstly, one would have thought there were a lot more important issues up for discussion such as the huge national debt, how to get the economy back on track, improve the lives of the unemployed, home owners, better health services, and not least, the on going death toll of British personnel in Afghanistan.

It is an old trick to make personal attacks to try to draw a “red herring” across the real issue of the day, which is simply “who has the most realistic policies, and can they deliver?” Most people (from any class) will soon realise that personal attacks are just a ploy to avoid answering the real questions, which will raise the question “is the Labour government tired, clapped-out, and will try anything to cling onto power?” If so, then this is no answer for the people of Britain, they deserve something better.
If class was to become a determining factor, one shudders at the thought of a flock of John Prescott wannabies running the country!

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips

Dear Sir,


THE up coming smoking ban in all bars and tapas will kill the island all together. I am a smoker who held my hand up to the decision for bar owners under 100 square metres to decide their own destiny. It was a democratic decision which gave the choice for people to decide whether they went in a smoking bar or not as long as they knew the bar rules.

I know smoking is horrible and unhealthy but people do smoke. In the summer it is fine outside but in winter it was one of the few perks we enjoyed having a fag with the land lord.

We come every 12 weeks but in winter we will now have to reconsider and hope they show common sense in the closed season as they still rely on the sale of cigarettes.