THE alleged exodus of more than 4,000 British residents from the Balearics in the last 12 months has certainly become a talking point within the expat community but the majority of people doubt the figures, myself included. This time of the year is a bad time for the expat community, Majorca is quiet and grey and if you live in one of the tourist resorts then you will be spending an exceptionally tranquil winter! It is the time of the year when most expats ponder on whether they have made the right decision to move to the island and abandon Britain. In all honesty I would say that it has become difficult for some to survive in Majorca thanks to the fall in value of sterling against the euro and also the lack of jobs as a result of the recession has hit some people hard. You could also say that Majorca is no longer cheap, some parts of the island are a ghost town in winter and the Spanish tax authorities are also eyeing up foreign residents. But taking all that into account I still believe that Majorca is one of the best places to live in the world. Now, I am slightly biased because Ihave lived here all my life and would never dream of returning to Britain. This island has its faults but we are still exceptionally lucky to live here. I sincerely believe that many of the 4,000 people who allegedly left the island are still regretting it but perhaps they didn´t have an option. I am convinced that as the economy improves the expat community will start to grow again.