Dear Sir,

What bliss! if the brave Mayor of Palma really has issued an edict to fine those members of society who feel it necessary to parade their ugliness half dressed, then I will put my signature to any petition to give him a medal for his sterling efforts in making his part of Majorca "up market" I long for the day when the Mayors of other towns and villages get brave and do the same. But I doubt if this exercise is any more than a sound bite to get some column inches around the world. Am I a cynic? Definitely yes! Every time I visit this beautiful island - my preferred spot is Cala d’Or - or Cala Egos - to be specific, I get incensed at having to share my space with low lives who think nothing of marching into a cafe or restaurant wearing a bikini or shorts that show chronic wobbly bits, sweaty, lobster red and tattooed and these are just the females. Then they open their mouths and what comes out is expletives at every second word.

The "all inclusive" market has a lot to answer for as that brought in a whole new breed of humanity. Cheap, uneducated and unsavoury, they are unused to nice places that make them feel insecure so they over compensate by doing what they do at home in the firm belief that they’ve paid for it and can do what they like, innit!

Let’s hope the "Clean up" campaign will be taken up by other towns, then you can be assured that the image of Majorca will go higher and attract a wealthier, better behaved clientele.

And while I am on my rant, how much longer do we get to tolerate the dreadful noise pollution every night?

There is no such thing as sitting on your balcony, garden or beach, enjoying a glass of vino collapso, taking in the peace and quiet or a balmy evening, gazing at the stars, listening to the crashing waves or the sound of crickets.

The moment the hour gets to 7.30 pm, the loud speakers’ of every hotel, restaurant, cafe and bar are turned up full blast and they all compete to be the loudest in the area. The noise, until midnight is excruciating.

Twelve years ago I was told by estate agents that all music was going to be taken inside. Nothing has happened and sadly, nothing will happen.

Only when they chase away all the wealthy visitors, will the powers- that -be, wring their hands and complain that the visitors are not coming to Majorca.

We see the backlash happening in Cyprus, Turkey and other resorts and it is only a matter of time that it happens here.

Dawn Lane

Cala Egos