Prostitutes in Majorca
Dear Sir,
There is something seriously wrong with the laws of Majorca.
Prostitutes are in large numbers in certain resorts. It appears the guard and police are impotent, in dealing with all the crimes these prostitutes, muggers and pimps are conducting.
If it was the British hooligans cavorting around a bar when football is being shown (and very soon!). They would be dealt with immediately. Imprisoned, Fined and put on the next available flight to UK. Some have been imprisoned, and can only be bailed for some 55,000 Euros. The guardia treat these alcoholic idiots, with the very heavy handed contempt, they thoroughly deserve.
 The Prostitutes, Muggers and Pimps, are immune to any form of punishment. They return the next day, after an arrest.
Why are they not treated like the football hooligans? Why are they not only arrested, fined and sources of money found (Where is their Muggers/Pimps Money?) Then imprisoned, whilst awaiting deportation, on the next available flight. (Which they must fund). They must be prevented from returning to Majorca. HOW are these illegal immigrants entering Majorca? Why is the Majorcan  Authorities not dealing severely, with this very ugly problem?
 Is it the laws of Majorca, that are also impotent to these crimes? Are these useless laws, preventing the guardia and policia, from eradicating this very dangerous deceased riddled problem, and from infecting the whole island? Majorca has serious economical anomalies. Tourists are not coming to Majorca. The season is greatly reduced, with nothing to attract them in the winter.
 Majorca is on a very slippery slope of decline. Bring these crimes and criminals to a halt immediately.
Yours faithfully
Mr. F.S.Jessop

Magalluf muggers

Dear Sir,
I have been coming to the wonderful island of Majorca four times a year for the Last 25 years ,I have seen it at its best in Dec, Mar, June and Sept, but now I can’t get there in Dec and March because of no flights. What next no flights in June because no one wants to go because of the black African muggers? ie prostitutes.
 I have seen this problem building up over the last 5 years and nothing has been done. Now I read they are more concerned over a dog fouling incident and a fine of 300 euros than getting rid of the vermin on the island. People are frightened and won’t be coming back unless the law changes. Magalluf is full of lovely people who run fabulous bars and restaurants and they deserve better law enforcement than this.
 Get to grips Calvia Council before it is to late.
Concerned visitor
 Stevie T