Dear Sir,
How Mr Fleming can claim that due to the good offices of the EU, there have been no more world wars, truly amazes me. This has nothing to do with Brussels but more to do with the fear of mutual annihilation.
Would he therefore try and convince us that the UN, a larger and costlier version of our EU peace-corps, has succeeded in bringing peace to the human race?
He then goes on to say that since 1945 there have been no wars in Europe. Where, in that case, is, or was, Yugoslavia?
And that “problem”, as Mr Fleming would probably classify it, was, in the end, finally solved by the USA after months of incompetence by incompetent European leaders, the same people who according to Mr Fleming have banned armed conflict within Europe’s shores.
And, speaking personally, ever since Obama was handed the Nobel peace prize, whilst at the same time merrily sending armed drones over Afghanistan, it has lost all of its value, so as far as I am concerned the smiling faces of the EU Eurocrats receiving it are fooling themselves and nobody else.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow

The Magalluf Problem
Dear Sir,
As an English resident, in Palma, I have been reading, regularly about the problems in Magalluf.
I would like to point out to those people responsible for doing something about it, that it has gone further than the Mallorca Daily Bulletin.
Please see page 30 of yesterday’s English Sunday Mirror. This problem has now been read by over one million British people in the UK.
I just thought it may add a little weight to the Bulletin’s campaign.

Bryan  Shuttlewood