Calvia 2000
Dear Sir,
Last Monday I telephoned Calvia 2000 to ask if they could remove a huge amount of tree cuttings from branches cut from 2 large palm trees.
Less than 24 hours later they had all been removed and at no cost at all to me. I think we have a wonderful service with Calvia 2000 not only with this service but with bin collection, sometimes twice a day and the road sweeper people, all of which are the most friendly and helpful people one could meet.
We are good at complaining about the council for certain things so think it only right that we should thank them when deserved.
Barbara Larty
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir,
Sitting in the sunshine today on a seven day break from the UK, having read & ruminated on Jason Moore’s article on the issues surrounding Majorca’s tourism. Yes, Majorca developed into one of the tourist hot spots but the world has moved on. There will always be the demand for the package holiday/all inclusive beloved by families ( but not me).
There is also the upper end of the tourist market - the Marina with its multi million pound boats, the upmarket hotels such as the Jumeirah in Soller & the beautiful Villa Italia in Andraitx.
Its the middle market that is lacking. Increasingly visitors from the UK are coming on short breaks - not the traditional two week holiday.
This describes me. I can fly from Bournemouth & be in my hotel within three hours.
My problem is finding somewhere decent to stay. Not the five star extravaganza but somewhere within a taxi distance to Palma thereby negating the need for a car.
Three times over the last eighteen months I have trawled the web. For the third time I have ended up in the Palas Atenea on the Paseo Maritimo.
It has served it’s purpose but what a reminder of the seventies monstrosities from the outside.
There is nothing wrong at all with the way it’s run but even with a refurb it’s dated. I have taken a taxi round Illetas & the surrounds & found the same. And the area around shrieks of the seventies. What is needed is new build. Modern hotels with some style.
Unfortunately perhaps my comparison is with Dubai where everything is stunning - even at the lower end of the market.
If I had to chose between the two it would be a no brainier. Even for five days it’s accessible. However between May & October it’s too hot. So you get my custom as an “also ran”
I appreciate that economies are what they are but wouldn’t it be good if someone like me could really look forward to a break in a Majorca.
At the moment I tell friends “it’s OK for a few days” Is “OK” good enough though.

Nina Ball
Brockenhurst, UK

Keeping the Royals
Dear Sir,
Regarding the reported demonstrations in support of turning Spain back to a republic, whether one agrees with this contention or not, in a democracy it should be the absolute right of the people to decide who rules them.
I am personally ambivalent as to whether we have a King Charles and Queen Camilla ruling Britain.
But I believe most fervently that in the interests of democracy the people should have the democratic right to decide.
I would like to see added to every British General election ballot paper, the additional question: “Do you wish Great Britain to remain a monarchy?”
In addition: in the interests of fairness, the British media should be required by law to allow all shades of opinion on our TV, radio and in the press, as to the pros and cons of maintaining out Royal family to be fully aired, discussed and even debated.
David Lee
Costa de la Calma

Democracy and the EU
Dear Sir,
Ray Fleming has a really weird idea of democracy (“Jean-Claude Juncker is democratically favoured by Angela Merkel as the next Commission President” - Viewpoint 4 June).
The population of the EU is approximately five hundred and four million people.
Of these about four hundred million are eligible to vote. Of these just twenty eight (the heads of government of the EU member states) have a vote.
That’s 0.000007% of the electorate. How would the people of Spain (population forty seven million) feel if proportionately just three people had a vote for their head of government?
Juxtaposing the EU and the word democracy is an oxymoron.
I’m not holding my breath on either publication or even a reply.
Tony Tillin