Car hire
Dear Sir,
Regarding a Majorcan car hire company they are absolute crooks and ruined my holiday. On arrival at the airport we waited over an hour for their shuttle service then another hour and a half after that until we got the car. Staff were very rude. Zero customer service. Had to check car in the dark. I looked after the car with kid gloves because I saw reviews in the resort, but I noticed a slight dent on the top inside of the passenger door frame which I’m 100 per cent certain was there already but failed to notice. We returned the car and guess what, the guy checking the car went straight to the damaged door and pointed out the damage. He checked no other part of the vehicle! Even my 12 year old lad laughed at this. I kicked up a right fuss. I started to warn customers arriving  in the office and in the end they agreed with me! Stay away.
Austin Morgan

Car Hire at Palma Airport - It gets no better
Can anyone explain why picking up a hire car at Palma airport still takes so long?It has been a grumble of ours ( and everyone else we talk to) for years and this is not the first time we have asked the question, which remains  unanswered, in your paper.
As with most visitors, we pre book from the UK and are prepared to give as much information required to the company or agent at the time of booking. So why is it that on arrival, we still have to stand in line for well over an hour while hire company staff laboriously fill in never ending forms for each and every customer before the keys are handed over? It’s the last thing we need after a flight and when many of the customers will have young children to keep occupied in a warm, stuffy and busy arrivals hall.
It seems to be bureaucracy gone mad when all the information can be provided electronically well in advance of arrival and when flights can be booked in minutes.
Judith Burdus