Car Hire
Dear Sir,
After reading the two letters in today’s Bulletin I felt I must put my two pennyworth in regarding car hire. Since 1999 my wife and I have visited the island at least 6-7 times a year and we like to visit most parts of the island so, we need a car. Like the previous letters I have to say the car hire companies do not do Majorca any favours, each one is as bad as each other.
You book in the UK, pay for the hire and when you arrive after being up sometimes 4-5 hours, the flight taking 2 hours then have to wait at least the same amount of time the flight took. They know you need a car and add on as many extra charges as they can get away with. You sign up to get out of the offices and it is the biggest rip off going.
I read the local politicians are cracking down on street trading. Yes it’s a problem but you can say no thank you. I must get each week publicity from car rental companies at least 10, offering car hire, so hopefully they are struggling for customers, which is much deserved.
I read in your paper almost daily percentages frequently used for customers arriving and hotel bookings. How about one relating to satisfied customers of the car hire companies? Zero comes to my mind.
If the local government are interested in us coming on holiday may be they could look at some of the disgruntled people who are far from satisfied with the services offered by the CAR HIRE rip off merchants.

Ron Ashby
Droitwich UK