Enough water to waste?
Dear Sir,
Saturday 14th at 9.30 a.m.
I saw a water leak in the middle of my road close to my apartment. I reported it to my admin, who called SOREA the water company, and just got an answer phone!
I telephoned the admin every 3 hours because there was no sign of repair. The answer I eventually received was that the police had checked the leak. Apparently SOREA have no staff to repair leaks over the weekend. This never happened with the previous company ATERCA.
I think it’s a disgusting state of affairs in this day and age, considering Calvia water is possibly the dearest water in Spain. I think the local Government of Calvia should look into this state of affairs. Possibly fining the water company. We the public, are trying to conserve water, as there has been no heavy rain for about 3 months now down South. Perhaps they can reduce the price of water as they are not bothered about repairing water leaks over the weekends. When will it be repaired?
A. Caffyn
Santa Ponsa

Passport Chaos
Your article on Passport Chaos omitted to say that ALL Ex-Pats throughout Europe, now have to renew their Passports in the UK. This in turn has increased the delays. Also, there have been approximately 230,000 Passports issued in the UK to Immigrants.
There is no compensation to tourists who have booked holidays, from Insurers, on either personal or Travel Insurance policies.
The Season has started very slowly in many parts of the Island, and the Passport Chaos will only add to the lack of tourists.
Yours faithfully