Charity event for the poor children of Peru
Dear Sir,
Through your columns may I, on behalf of the organisers, thank everyone for who attended the Coffee and Cake Morning held in Palma Nova on Saturday to aid desperately poor and orphaned children in Peru, for their magnificent support. Also thanks to everyone who baked cakes or otherwise helped.
Through the generosity of their time, effort and money, we raised 1980 euros, which we were able to top up to 3,000 euros with other monies which had been raised.
Whilst writing, may I mention that we are looking for the holder of raffle ticket number 440.
Please get in touch on 971- 233038 if you hold this ticket.
Yours faithfully,
Dave Barter

Dear Sir,
With all the bad publicity Magalluf is getting at the moment, both locally and internationally, you would have thought that somebody like the Melia Group wouldn’t want to invest money in modernising hotels and opening up-market cafes in the resort, but they are.
Do they know something that we don’t know? Or is there some other underlying factor here?

Ian Morrison
Calas de Mallorca