Dear Sir,
If I suffered from low blood pressure, I should not need to see my GP for medication. All I should have to do is read Hugh Ash’s fulminations against President Obama and other leaders. Mr. Ash knows exactly how to solve all the world’s serious problems -- according to him.
Elena Davis

Car Rentals in Majorca
Dear Sir,
CAVEAT EMPTOR! As some of us know means “let the Buyer beware”.
Never more true, it would seem than of the Car Rental Companies in Majorca, or at least many of the cowboys from the Peninsula as Senor Ramon Reus asserts in his interview with Humphrey Carter in Sun/Mon MDB.
His attempts to see regulation rid the industry of bad practice and fraud is to be applauded. If he were to read the two page article by Gill Charlton in Saturday’s Travel section of the UK Daily Telegraph, which concentrates on the state of things in Majorca ( in part more bad publicity I’m afraid), it might persuade him to raise his game in this regard.
Miss Charlton does mention, however, those Majorcan companies who are being transparent in their dealings, so the story is not all doom and gloom. What is evident is that those wishing to hire a car here need to do their research most carefully , particularly on line, and use word of mouth recommendation wherever it is available. There has been no mention of name and shame, maybe a little difficult with the threat of litigation never far away, if facts are not accurate or provable.
One aspect of this issue is the post hire download of further funds from the client account to cover fallacious costs which cannot be verified. This comes about because of the dubious ability for companies to download money without the account owner’s knowledge or consent. Many UK visitors may not realise this, but it is in their power to stop it.
If you have an on-line account facility, to the right of the download will be an icon which describes the payment and another which allows you to reverse the payment. This will be in line with the normal 21 day cooling off period for DD and credit card payments. Readers may wish to consider this if they feel that they have been incorrectly charged. For those who do not use the on-line facility, a trip to the bank may be necessary. And ensure that the named company is given a block on the account to stop a repeat attempt. In both cases use of this action, within legal rules, may be a powerful curb on the activities of the rental company.
Whatever the chosen method a regular check on your account is advised.
Remember always CAVEAT EMPTOR!
Yours faithfully,
Paul Satterly
Sa Coma