Party Boats
Dear Sir,
The Magulluf night life over the last few years have exported their noise regulated late evening events to unregulated daytime party boats blasting the coastal beaches and residential areas with unsolicited vocal and music intrusion.
The music is deafening, combined with loudspeaker led party games, accompanied in many instants by lewd language. These party boats anchor a short distance off the coast generally within the area of the West Lighthouse and Portal Vells, seemingly on a rotor system for a combined period of approximately five - six hours seven days a week. Their relentless full volume loudspeakers are only absent when there is inclement weather.
Whilst our home is a mile or so away, it may sound illogical, but during the summer we now look forward to bad weather to achieve a period of calm.
We do not object to people having a robust holiday, providing it is not at the ex pence of others. Magulluf’s Wild West attractions are spreading unchecked.
 This lovely island of Majorca is slowly being contaminated by uncontrolled elements and therefore the main resorts run the risk of tourist isolation. In respect of the party boats, a compromise would be for these to be vocally licensed, and the disco and party games contained within a sound proofed mid deck.
 This would allow the open top deck to be used for quieter recreation. I understand the other islands within the Balearic Group are considering legislation. Why not Majorca?
Walter Boxer

Dear Sir,
I may have a scoop – the end of the hire car full tank rip off is in sight!
This evening (Wednesday) at a meeting organised by Europeos por España the Baleares Director General for Industry and Energy Jaime Ochogavia Colom presented, among other things, the Governments programme on electric cars.
Within a short time the number of charging points in and around Palma will increase from the present 20 to 2000. For the first 2 years charging will be free and Ochogavia has already started negotiation with a car hire company over a small fleet of electric cars. He was already aware of the over charging for filling the tank with petrol and has stipulated that the customer must not be charged for “fuel” which is in fact free. The cost of hiring must tumble.
The Director General is passionate about these cars inviting the audience to a trial drive after which he insists will be the last time they wish to drive an antediluvian petrol machine.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma