Dear Sir,
I was pleased to read David Lee’s description of Prince Charles’s remarks about President Putin as ‘unfortunate’ (Letters to the Editor, 26 June ,  2014) , although personally I would have used a slightly stronger adjective. Prince Charles and the royal family are financed by taxpayers’ money and one of their most important functions is to represent us as super-diplomats.
It has been estimated that around 20 million Russians died in the war against Hitler so to brand their present leader as a Nazi must be the worst possible insult anyone could think of. I cannot understand why more commentators have not condemned the Prince’s totally undiplomatic remarks, just days before the two leaders were due to coincide at the D-Day commemorations in France.
We should be trying to get closer to Russia as both our countries (and to a lesser extent China) face increasing threats from Islamic terrorism. I fear Anglo-Russian cooperation in this area has suffered a severe setback. And then there is our attempt to meddle in the Ukraine, but Mr Lee dealt with that in his letter.
Yours faithfully,

George Tunnell

Dear Sir,
I enjoyed your Debate with Ray Fleming about whether Roy Hodgson should quit as the England manager. Ray Fleming should say: “Hodgson needs time to develop his ideas ...” I’m behind you on this one Jason because, I am sorry Ray, but the words “Hodgson” and “ideas” just don’t go together.
And following your debate, on page 26 of the same edition of the DB here was the wonderful headline: Hodgson not going anywhere - how true is that?

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom