Winter tourism
Dear Sir,
Your article in today’s online edition about winter tourism misses an important point.
It is not a surprise that German airlines run flights to Majorca in the winter whereas British airlines do not.
British airlines are set up to serve two  markets, namely summer sun & winter snow. The German airlines do not have a “winter snow” market as the Germans  (and other Europeans) will simply drive to their winter holiday destinations. Thus if German airlines want to operate in the winter they have to entice their customers to get on a plane to the sun.
British airlines are not faced with this problem as their winter snow market both exists and is buoyant.
It is unrealistic to expect the airlines to operate routes that in the winter might be marginal when more viable options exist.
Having said that I do miss not being able to catch a flight to Palma from Exeter in the winter. I am thankful that I can still come out from Bristol.
Jeremy Cavanna