Dear Sir,
The debate and endless letters about all inclusive holidays rages on relentlessly - Could someone tell the government or Antonio Gonzalez, that there are many more tourists who would contribute handsomely to the economy and would prevent bars and restaurants closing if the laws on renting private houses was promoted instead of being frowned upon.
I refer to all the many families with small children and noisy teenagers whose idea of a blissful holiday is to rent a home. The small children can run wild in the fields, teenagers are quite safe from drinks and drugs and can party by the pool and parents can relax and enjoy themselves.
These people hire cars and bicycles, charter boats, take their children wind surfing and waterskiing. They frequent the bars and eat out in restaurants and buy presents to take home as well as visiting supermarkets for food and drink.
Could we have a more positive approach? Anyone would think this government is frightened or held to ransom by hoteliers which is pathetic!

Shiela von der Schulenburg


Hi Editor,

It seems a bit daft to be complaining about lack of Winter flights when there is thick snow in Soller area and it looks pretty ghastly in Pollensa area too. The apartments feel so damp in the winter and it can be pretty miserable in bedrooms with tiled floors even in early April when we usually arrive. I don't think these sunny Sumner destinations accommodations are built for grotty wet cold winter spells.

I met someone whilst in Gran Canaria in January who spends three months there as weather is poor in Crete in Winter too. So even the competition cannot really attract Winter visitors .
You can get lovely days as in U.k early January . Really I would promote mid April onwards as it can be fabulous in Soller then as we have found several years running.


Dear Sir,

The Six Nations Rugby Tournament kicked off yesterday with Wales vs England. I never fail to be stirred by the Welsh national anthem “Land of my Fathers” although I don’t understand a word. I also rate the “Marseillaise”, which I do understand, very highly.

It was noticeable that while all the Taffs joined in singing their anthem with great gusto many of the English fans didn’t even join in theirs. I have noticed the same enthusiasm with the French. Perhaps this is because by comparison “God Save the Queen” is moribund having none of the war like lyrics suitable for rousing the guest crowd against the Welsh. While the French are signing about their Revolutionaries having their throats cut like ISIS in Syria, Welsh Warriors were similarly bleeding for freedom but for both victory is just for the grasping. England would do better with “Rule Britannia” similar philosophically to “Deutschland über alles”. What was popular with the English fans was “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”. I can’t comment on the amount of passion they put into it as the lude gestures synchronised with the “Band of Angels coming after me” are not shown on TV.

I can’t wait for the Kiwis to do their Haka which outdoes all, not only bucking up their supporters but putting the fear of death in the opposition.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma


Dear Sir, A great letter from Shiela von der Schulenburg.

It's not so much that the government is "frightened or held to ransom by hoteliers" though, - as that they enjoy the fruits of their actions at the hoteliers private dinners when the envelopes are passed around.

¡Viva España!

Name supplied

Driving license

Dear Editor, With reference to the discussions on driving licences there is a Guardia site in English, on the main land, where they will answer your questions in English. The site is

Since I drive a company owned vehicle I had to have a Spanish licence which I applied for via a local Gestor in Binissalem which was problem free and have since renewed it around Christmas time. Renewal procedure was simple as it involved going to the approved medical centre in Inca (no waiting) do your medical and then the centre processes the renewal application on your behalf – total cost €81 stress free.

Hope this helps others.

Patrick Griffith

Dear Sir,

argued in these pages back in October that the beheading, first of Western Newspaper Reporters, then Aid Workers was because the Extremists of ISIS were setting out to offend and insult the West to the maximum. The kinder the person, the more good they were doing the better to mock the Infidels with their escalating brutality. The last people they wish in their Caliphate are Western do-gooders. Their logic is beyond our understanding. They want to goad the unbelievers (us) into using NATO forces to attack them on the ground and bomb from the air killing innocent women and children bystanders in large numbers which will aid their recruitment and confirm waverers doubting the evil intentions of these new Crusaders. Contrary to many they are not cowards but (again beyond our logic) will lay down their lives for their cause.

ISIS does not want Arab forces attacking them, not from fear, but for propaganda gains they prefer if the visible enemy is not Islamic but Heathen. They are succeeding in their intrigue. We are unable to ignore them and unable to count on the Arab forces that militarily already overwhelmingly outnumber them and so should be able to neutralise ISIS without our help if they really wished.

Perhaps we can understand better if we remember that in the Moslem calendar we are in the year 1436 AH. There are similarities with us back in 1436 AD. Henry VI (aged 15) was on the English throne. Then we also beheaded people in public. Teenage girls were not exempt - we had recently burned Joan of Arc (aged 19) at the state and were handing out similar retribution to our own heretics the Lollards forerunners of Protestantism. Now ISIS has followed our gruesome history by burning alive a Jordanian Pilot.

Their policy has succeeded with the Jordanian Government arbitrarily executing two long term terrorist prisoners in retribution. This success in goading their enemy may lead to even more gruesome deaths. Let’s hope they are unaware of the death sentence handed out by England to the Scot William Wallace.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma