Prolonging Majorca’s tourist season
Dear Sir,
My wife and Ilive in England and have a holiday home in the Pollensa area which on average we visit four times yearly, including winter time. We have had the property since 2003.
The subject could be compared to the “egg/chicken” question. If most hoteliers and others in the trade are shut after the end of October, clearly winter visitors will choose different destinations, such as the Canary Islands, Malta or Cyprus. Local Adjuntamientos and/or the Balearic Government could, and in my view should, help by incentivising employers.
I believe it is correct to say that staffing costs, perhaps alongside rent, are the highest expense for a business in the tourist sector.
My understanding is also that workers who are employed for a minimum of 6 months during the current “open season”, then receive approximately 400 euros per month whilst unemployed.
If the Adjuntamientos , or local Government, paid instead those 400 euros monthly to a business prepared to stay open all year round, and therefore offer continued employment, and service, would matters not be better?
More businesses would give it a go, there would be more visitors throughout the year, more people would be employed throughout the year with resultant benefits to the local general economy.  In my view, at the very least, local authorities should have a dialogue along those lines with representatives of the businesses concerned.  
It may be, however, that Majorcan entrepreneurs linked to the tourist industry make more than enough money in 6 months, so why bother working the whole year when they can be on the ski slopes, or some tropical paradise instead? Personally, I doubt that this applies to any great extent.
Saludos y.....Viva Mallorca!

Aldo Piombini
Cala Sant Vicenc