We love Majorca in the winter give us some flights
Dear Daily Bulletin,
We have a property in Cala Fornells and used to regularly visit Majorca in the winter.   This is now almost impossible from Manchester and the one winter trip we made had to be from Liverpool and the flight both ways was packed.   People waiting for the plane could be overheard complaining at the distance they had had to travel to get a flight.
   When in Majorca we shop in local supermarkets and markets, go to restaurants, use hotels at the other end of the island and hire a car which all must contribute to the economy of the island. We love Majorca in winter with the possibility of country walks , bird watching  and the chance of some sunshine to give us a lift.
   We very much support your campaign to get flights from the UK in winter.

The few winter flights are packed
Hi Jason,
We visit the island monthly and we are fortunate to be able to use a Easyjet via Bristol Airport .   On each and every flight this winter the aircraft has been packed and presumably sold out with passengers from the Midlands, Wales as well as the South West.
I can not understand why a major hub such as Birmingham does not carry air traffic to the island as most clearly there is demand.
Keep up the good work.

More Manchester flights please
Morning Jason,
 I live in the Peak District about an hour from Manchester.  I would use Manchester twice a month or more instead of the long haul to Stansted. I have had my own dialogue with the commercial director of Jet2 who cites lack of demand as their sole reason for not flying in the winter months.  Given that the Easyjet out of Liverpool (the only northern route in winter) is consistently full I rather doubt what he says is likely. Especially since EJ operate only twice weekly.
Everyone I have spoken to would welcome the chance to fly out of Manchester or to have greater frequency out of Liverpool though Manchester is by far the preferred option.

Weekly Scotland flight please
Dear Sir,
 I am just back from Majorca last week after having to travel from Aberdeen to Liverpool to get a connection to Palma.  I come over every year out of season as well as spending around 4/5 weeks at my apartment and would be delighted to see Scotland served over the winter months even with a weekly flight but would make access so much easier. Hope you manage to progress this ridiculous situation.

I am now going to move to the island for good!
Hi Jason,
I bought a place in Santa Ponsa eight years ago and at that time winter flights were not a problem.  However, the last few years have been awful.  I just don’t understand it as surely even if it was only two  flights per week (for me from Birmingham) they would be full, going and coming back.  I have spent many winter months in Majorca and it’s fabulous, quiet but fun.  If I can help in any way when I move out just let me know.
I now intend to move out for good in May so it will not affect me but it will affect those people who want to visit me in the winter!!!!!

Dismayed at decline of winter flights
As regular visitors, we have watched with dismay the dearth of winter flights to Majorca. However, we are lucky that our local airport - Liverpool John Lennon -has two flights a week. But the prices tend to be relatively high because everyone piles onto  these couple of flights and EasyJet is happy as they are full. (Ryanair don’t do winter flights anymore).  I suspect a major reason Liverpool still has flights to/from Majorca is because the city has two universities and quite a large Spanish expat student/graduate community.  With the pound/euro rate being very favourable at present surely more winter flights should be encouraged?

A long journey via Barcelona
Dear Sir,
My husband and I along with my family including my sister, her partner and family support your  bring back winter flights to Majorca from Newcastle-upon- Tyne. The winter flights with Easy jet and Jet2 were always full. Even if they went to two days a week it would be better than nothing. Going via Barcelona puts us off visiting your lovely island and two flights with a short connection time is bad news. One  flight delayed and you miss your connection, when you’re only 2.5hrs away on a direct flight, its just puts you right off?

An expensive trip to the island
Dear Sir,
 I live in Glasgow, Scotland and own an apartment in Santa Ponsa. Many many Scottish people own property in Santa Ponsa as well, as back in the late 1980’s there was a very successful Glasgow based company selling flats and time-shares etc. In fact most of the apartments in our complex are owned by Scottish people.
   The lack of flights from end October to mid-March is a nightmare as people have to drive to Liverpool or Manchester. There’s few flights out of Manchester even then. The London airports are all very well ie. Luton/Stansted/Gatwick but this involves adding expense to ‘relatively cheap flights’ by having to either go on the train, drive and park, or even flying to said airports. The connections from Glasgow/Edinburgh to these London airports are no use as you either don’t have enough time to connect, or you have hours and hours to wait for the flights to Palma. British Airways do have the option to fly Glasgow-London City-Palma and return - but the airport taxes on top of any fare means you can be looking at around £300 plus which, in reality, no one is going to be able to afford unless you’re flying on your own. Families just could not pay that fare if there were eg. four people travelling.
   Glasgow and Edinburgh should have at least one flight a week over the winter months - and I can guarantee, they’d be full. With our Scottish winter weather being so poor (normally) lots of pensioners would love a break in a sunny, albeit not roasting hot, climate.
   I remember the days when retired people could go for 2 or 3 months - over winter which was much cheaper than staying at home! Thomson’s used to have a flight out on a Friday and back on a Monday. This was great for a 3 night mini-break but sadly, is no more as you know.
 Easyjet and Ryanair could easily operate a flight a week, or for that matter, a flight every fortnight out of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and would have many ‘bums on seats’ as they say these days!
 With Majorca being only a three hour flight, the island appeals to people who don’t perhaps want five hours to the Canaries, but flights operate to the Canaries in winter which is unfair. OK the weather may be a little warmer - but the Canaries can also be quite cloudy!
  If the landing fees were reduced even minimally, I’m sure these low cost carriers would jump at the chance to operate in winter.
  I support any campaign that is being run to try and get this dismal situation sorted out.

Scottish tourists are staying away
I have owned an apartment in Majorca for about 9 years. I live in Glasgow and am no longer able to get a flight in the winter. For the last 2 years we have celebrated New Year on the island and have had a wonderful holiday. However we have had to travel from Glasgow to London then onwards to Palma (BA from City this year, last year Glasgow to Stansted). By chance we discovered this year that it is relatively easy to connect in Bristol so we used this for our return journey.
There are so many Scots that own properties or simply love the island but are deterred from visiting because of the journey.