Dear Sir,
Thank you for all your sterling efforts regarding winter flights. I bought a property in Majorca seven years ago as I knew I could get flights easily from my local airport at Newcastle. Imagine my disappointment when two years later the winter flights suddenly stopped.
I love the summers in Majorca but winter and spring are my personal favourites - the fact that I am currently missing the almond blossom and walks in the country lanes - the perfect antidote to a gloomy British winter - makes me very sad. My neighbours photographs on facebook are all I get to see of it this winter!
Yes I can drive to Liverpool (4 hours), stay at the airport hotel overnight, and get an early morning flight (24 hours in total door to door) but I really don’t want to do this more than once over winter and would much prefer several winter breaks from a local airport (3-4 hours door to door).
I love Majorca as do my family and friends and we want to visit this beautiful island which has so much to offer ALL year round.
Kind regards,
Linda Ions

Dear Sir,
Having owned a villa in the north of Majorca for 39 years, I have found the past few years so difficult to do winter visits . We had 12 days in January but had to fly from Bristol entailing an overnight stay as the flight was 7-10 am. I live just between Bham & Stratford on Avon so why is there not a flight - even once a week from Birmingham or even East Midlands? A few years ago we had a choice in the winter months and those flights were always pretty full. The choices of Gatwick , Stanstead , Manchester or Liverpool at present are not good enough for those of us in the central area and the journey to Bristol is not a good one. Keep up your campaign!!!
We are with you.
Val Stembridge
P.S.I came with 2 others on a flight from Bristol in January. This entailed a journey down the motorways to Bristol from south of Birmingham and an overnight stay before flying. We hired a car, spent money in restaurants, bought goods in shops and presents for grandchildren. If we can come we are helping the local economy but we need some flights from Birmingham or even East Midlands to make the visits easier .Do your best with the Bulletin Campaign!!

Dear Sir,
I live in Majorca and travel back to visit friends and family every few months summer and winter.
 I have been visiting the island since 1970 when during the early years, winter tourism was very busy, in the area where I live, bars, hotels and kiosks, could all be found open .
 Many hotels had a steady trade of pensioners form both the UK and Scandinavia, not here for the sun but all the winter pursuits such as walking, card playing singalong, dancing and socialising, albeit far from beach weather, but the bright light which Majorca is so famous for in its past with artists and writers.
At the time I was living in Scotland and during the low season, a flight was operated from Edinburgh via Glasgow to Palma. This was also full at all times and there was always a popular time around Christmas and Hogmanay to celebrate over here in full kilted regalia!
Now living here, my acquaintances from anywhere North of Watford have to wend their ways to Liverpool, if not down to Gatwick like so many of your correspondents.
 Only two years back I flew from Manchester but since this option ceased after the autumn close down.
 It is a long way down from Leeds, Hull and the Lake District, Newcastle not to mention other major cities.
 Why is it that Germans come here with an equally large country (and I don’t accept the correspondent who stated that they all go skiing using their cars! What about the older people?).
Florida has sun yes, but look how much further that is and a long weekend is not possible to that destination.
 I and many of my friends from all points north would be delighted to be served as in the past, the mainland manages it, why not here, what happened to spending a month in a hotel for a reasonable price, this previously appealed to so many?
Yvonne. C Cotton

Dear Sir,
Just back from working away and catching up with what’s happening on the island that me, my wife and family love.
We have property in the north of the island and I would love to celebrate my wife’s 50th in December in Majorca.
We live in Newcastle and we come to the island up to four times a year and we love coming out of season.
Just recent as October our daughter got married in Majorca, she has spent all her school holidays coming to this beautiful island when she was growing up.
We would welcome Jet2/easyJet to start flying from Newcastle again.
 Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on promoting this wonderful place that we are proud to call home.
Best of luck,

Dear Sir,
We could fill 1 flight per week from Newcastle. I would book November, December, January, February and March, four seats RIGHT NOW...GUARANTEED.