Majorca winter
Dear Sir,
I have recently contacted via Facebook about visiting Majorca in the winter time
We have a family holiday home here and have done for over 30 years.
We have always struggled to get to our house over the “winter” period and over Christmas.
We have a family age range of 4 to 80 and love the island.
I have spent many an hour discussing with family and friends about the joys of Majorca all year round.
When we look on the web little is said about the winter and what Majorca has to offer.
We are currently in Majorca for the English half term.
We have enjoyed every minute and taken part in lots of activities, many cost free.
Many thanks,
Amanda Hilton

Winter flights from Glasgow
Dear Sir,
Stated in Tuesday’s Bulletin that it would cost £250-£300 for a winter return flight from Glasgow - I would gladly pay that to visit the Island during the winter months.  I used to enjoy my November/ December visits to Palmanova!
I have paid over £350 for return flights in July 2015 so winter flights might be cheaper??
Wake up Mallorca Tourist Board we want to visit in winter-twenty years ago we had a choice of airlines now we have to go South!!!  
Majorca offers so much more than bucket and spade holidays! Palma Christmas lights, empty roads, visit all the lovely restaurants dotted around the island is a pleasure in winter and we have the shops in Palma!!!
Maybe flights from Glasgow to Palma in November 2015???
L Weldon
PS I live in Cala D’or which is like a ghost town in the winter!