Dear Sir,
“Se Aquila” is a sign seen popping up a lot these days, but I saw one in the window of a Chinese shop in Campos today. Now that really is a A SIGN OF THE TIMES.
Ian Morrison
Porto Colom

Hoteliers & Leftist
Dear Sir,
Welcome back to another fuss involving the almighty hoteliers. I thought that after that “...infamous and dreadful...” ecotax which that socialist party enforced fifteen years ago any Government whatever way of  thinking would brave again. Nowadays things have changed. I don’t know for worse or better. My opinion is that if the hoteliers wish a strengthened influence over the political panorama they should stand for election. They  want everything for them. They fiercely oppose any private house aspiration to let. They want the tourists to spend only in the hotel complexes... Andrew Ede’s column heralds an intriguing classical fuss at the political Majorcan life. Hotelier s& Leftists. A core issue.
Who is actually ruling Greece? Syriza or the Bundesbank?
Who is actually ruling Balearic Islands? Hotel Chains or The Balearic Parliament? It seems that our political future is designed and shaped inside a hotel chain’s office.
Miquel Estelrich Bestard
Cala Ratjada

Winter flights
Dear Sir,
I am trying to recall the Spanish/Majorcan low cost carriers, that operate from Majorca. Several have finished trading. I know Air Berlin use Palma Airport as a Hub, and I wonder if a flight via Germany, may be a consideration. Also British Airways have a scheduled service from Heathrow (but is it summer schedule only?).
If there is a Spanish or Majorcan Airline, prepared to operate to and from UK (Scotland), during the winter; could a discounted Landing Fee be negotiated ? This would reduce the seat costs, along with a further price reduction, if every return flight was full. Is  there an entrepreneurial Spanish/Majorcan Airline, prepared to facilitate winter flights  to Scotland? Perhaps English or Norwegian company’s could consider the winter  routes, if the AENA Son San Juan Airport authority are prepared to reduce their winter charges? It could increase employment, for Majorca.
Yours sincerely,
Sa Coma (Closed)

Winter flights “not just for Scotland”
Dear Sir,
I realise there are a lot of Scots in Majorca, however this should be a united front to get winter flights. A lot of people from Birmingham have a connection with Majorca and have quite rightly said two flights per week would be sufficient and I expect full. Also it is not just people wanting to visit the island but it is also people on the island wanting to visit elsewhere too …
Joyce Checketts