More winter flights please
Dear Sir,
Luton became a busy airport after the growth of winter flights, and now there are hardly any to Majorca in the winter from there.
Many people bought small properties to be able to make several visits during the off peak months. Now they hardly come.
And it is a time when British people who normally live on Majorca travel back to the UK, when they are not working.
Why is Majorca abandoned to tourists from other countries?
Anne Kay
Puerto Andratx

Scotland flights?
Dear Sir,
It has always been a problem for me to get to Scotland at winter, even worse for me because I need to get to Aberdeen. When there were flights, I had to fly to Glasgow and rent a car to drive to Aberdeen.
The main problem is that there is no work for me in Majorca after October (Majorca’s number 1 Elvis tribute). I get offered shows around Aberdeenshire in the winter, but for example last November I had a couple of shows booked in Aberdeen, then after I booked the shows, I went to book flights only to find out there was nothing at all to anywhere in Scotland after October, so I had to fly from Majorca to London, then London to Aberdeen and the same coming back but with a hotel stay in Gatwick because I miss the connecting flight. Plus it becomes expensive when you have to pay also for your suitcase 4 times?
I did not need to get work in Scotland up until a few years ago as there was still a little bit of work here in Majorca because I used to do shows in hotels such as Santa Lucia, Son Mataus and Aquasol in Palmanova because they used to stay open all year round.
How things have changed? And it is such a shame to see this beautiful island deserted like a ghost town in the tourist areas of Palmanova, Magalluf, Santa Ponsa etc.
As far as I am concerned, flights in winter to Scotland would be essential, because I could get back and do some shows, earn some winter money and see my family at the same time. Bring back winter flights, yay.
Iain Elvis Duncan

Winter flights - not!
Dear Sir,
Nothing from East Midlands or Birmingham or Doncaster or Leeds this winter.
In the past we have really enjoyed going out for the January fiestas and the almond blossom in February. This year we haven’t even been able to visit our own apartment!
Janice Ashley