Dog poisoning
Dear Sir,
In reply to Mr Humphrey Carter’s sad story of his dog, I would like to try and help, maybe explain a possible cause.
I live on Majorca part of the year, and have seen these cones in the trees before.
Most of the time they are put up the in the trees at this time of year, to attract the Arugas (caterpillars) these are very poisonous, and can kill in certain circumstances.
The rash Mr Humphrey mentions, is from the hairs of the caterpillars, if touched. People should be very aware of these insects, and they can be identified by the way they follow each other in a line (Pine procession caterpillars )
All residents should look online about them.
G. Scott

Winter flights campaign
Dear Sir,
Following on from Mr Brian Squires article in the Bulletin we in the South of England would also like to back the campaign for winter flights to Majorca. For us it is only a 4 hour round trip journey to Gatwick to catch an easyJet flight but we also face the same problem of full flights and expensive tickets. There is no alternative airline flying regularly to Majorca between November and April, so we also do not have a choice. We have lived in Palma for over 15 years, and travel at least once a month back to UK for business and to visit ailing relatives who are in their 90’s. From the end of October to end of March, when Ryanair start flying again from Bournemouth, we will have purchased 24 tickets between ourselves and house guests, and I am sure there are many others in our position. During the summer months when Ryanair do fly from Bournemouth and other provincial airports in the South with a regular weekly service, and reasonable cost tickets, it is very seldom that we are on a flight that is not at least 2/3rds full, of which a considerable percentage of the passengers have a home or business in Majorca.
It is ridiculous to say that Majorca is not a winter destination when Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona and other mainland Spanish regions are considered worthy of flights throughout the year.…. our climate is very similar, the island is very cosmopolitan, and if the flights were available during the winter months there would be a lot more business for the island and many of the hotels would be able to sustain themselves from November to March.
We also know of people who were looking to purchase property on the Island, and have chosen other mainland areas because they cannot travel for business or get to a home in Majorca easily for 5 months of the year. Our island is losing out in so many ways.
We, like Mr Squires, would be very happy to have one scheduled flight a week during the winter months, and then we would plan our lives accordingly to use this service wherever possible, thereby saving us all time and money. Surely Ryanair, or another enterprising airline could run a service to Majorca from many of the provincial airports in the UK, by for example flying from Bournemouth to Majorca and returning same day to Exeter, then flying from Exeter to Majorca next day returning to another airport that normally has a summer service, flying from there….. etc. thereby offering a service to many different airports once a week.
If there is anything positive we can do to support your Winter Flights to Majorca Campaign, we are in.
Anne Jelley