Sir Richard Branson
Dear Sir,
Quote: “Majorca means to so many British people. I also hope that the local authorities will do their best to try and tempt Sir Richard Branson back to the island.” Unquote. (From yesterdays editorial ( 28-02-15).
 Well done Banyalbufar Council for driving out one of Britain’s best known entrepreneurs. It is another classic action of those responsible for NOT bringing tourism, employment, business creation etc. There is an expression ‘Money goes to Money’. But not in Majorca. Those that have obtained their money, have placed it elsewhere, and not in Majorca.
I hope Sir Richard returns to Majorca, bringing with him ‘Virgin Airlines’, to fly ALL YEAR ROUND, and especially from Scotland, Wales, Ireland as well as UK Airports that are not flying to Majorca in the winter e.g. East Midland, etc. His entrepreneurial abilities would bring a much needed boost to Majorca’s ailing economy.
 Yours sincerely,
Sa Coma ( Closed )