Top Gear
Dear Sir,
I totally agree with your editorial comments in the Bulletin (12-03-15). Clarkson is an autocratic bully. He has made millions out of Top Gear. His constant ridicule of James May was disgraceful. James May was head and shoulders above Clarkson as a person, in every aspect of the show. Richard Hammond (Hamster) went along with Clarkson’s bullying ways, to the level of fawning and worshiping his presence. But, all three of these 9 year old petrol heads, who have not matured, have made their money, achieved celebrity status, and are now burnt out.
I hope the BBC finish entirely with Clarkson. Other TV companies can have him, with pleasure. I would like to see a knowledgeable female presenter on Top Gear e.g. Susie Perry from Formula 1. Or, there could be a completely new set of professional presenters. Their programme content on the show, was becoming stale. They were running out of ideas. It was time for Clarkson to be pensioned off, and sent home on gardening leave, with NO SALARY!
Yours faithfully,

Dear Sir,
Having just read your “editorial” on Jeremy Clarkson just shows how much you are out of  touch with the rest of the world. The show, which is the most popular TV show in the world, just shows how out of touch you are with 350,000,000 people.
If you really think this is a backlash to being locked in a port-a-loo you are sadly mistaken. If this is just an attempt to elicit a reply from the populace that read your newspaper then you have succeeded.
I have been a resident of Majorca for the last 12 years and have tolerated the banal rubbish you print about what you like and don’t like with no regard to popular opinion.
No one was furious about what he said about Majorca, in fact I agree with him. The time has come to differentiate about what you think about the island and what other people that live here do. Why do other  people live here if  the UK was such a great place to live.
I personally love the island otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. We all know about the corruption, black economy, nepotism, mafia, badly run businesses that only have their own interests at heart etc. etc. I could name names but really what good would it do, we all know who they are and what they own and what they do. You report it in the  paper everyday but feel  that we cannot be ridiculed because you live here. Get a grip.
Clarkson shoots from the hip, non PC maybe, but what happened to the freedom of speech.
Kind regards,
Nigel Stack

Disgruntled of Birmingham
Dear Sir,
I notice that a lot of consideration is being given to flights from Scotland to Majorca. I own a property in Santa Ponsa so obviously I would also like to come to Majorca in the winter months or vice versa. I am one of the lucky ones and will move to live in Majorca in May but would like to be able to go home when I want or have friends over for Christmas in Majorca.
Joyce Checketts