A reply to the Editor
Dear Sir,
Regarding my letter  about so many British immigrants not integrating here. I don’t recall saying that it was a problem, - just a fact. I’ve lived here for over half my life and speak both Spanish and Majorcan, so it’s something I reflect on every time a non - Spanish speaking Brit here criticizes immigrants in the UK for not integrating into society there.

Name withheld

Winter flights
Dear Sir,
I know it’s a step in the right direction that Ryanair going to Palma in the winter is  good but I’ve just checked on the internet and it would be a very expensive train ticket return and 3 hours each way to get from near Newcastle to Birmingham so this will not help my plight not being able to get there for at least 5 months of the year.
From a cut off  holiday apartment owner

Airport fast lane
Dear Sir,
If I want to spend my hard earned cash on not having to queue to go through security controls, that’s up to me and nobody  else. I can’t understand some members of the public complaining that it is discriminatory or classist.
I presume that they are the same people who you see driving up and down the mountain on their way  to Soller  and back whilst sticking their fingers up at their fellow road users who have just paid to go through the tunnel.
Your sincerely,

Simon Tow